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Parties to this agreement

LabMaestro Pack&Go also referred to in this agreement as "Pack&Go" is an online service provided by VPixx Technologies Inc, a company registered in Canada, and referred to in this agreement as "we", "us" or "our". We provide services to individual or corporate users, referred to in this agreement as "you" or "your".

By using LabMaestro Pack&Go, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions, regardless of whether or not you have made a purchase.

Purchase of services

Purchase and Consumption

You can purchase credits to run experiments online on Pack&Go. Credits are consumed when running experiments, at a rate of 3 credits per hour, charged by the minute. A minimum of 15 minutes is charged per experiment session, even if it lasts less than this time. This minimum is consumed right away as the experiment launches, and the remainder when it ends. Credits can not be refunded, shared or exchanged.

Test Runs

Pilot or test runs are free of charge, but require a balance of at least 10 credits in your account. Experiment sessions will fail to launch if the account responsible for the experiment does not have a positive credit balance.

Issues and Compensation

Credits are still charged even if the participant failed to fulfil their responsibilities or if a technical issue on either our side or the participant's prevented the session completion. Compensation may be offered upon request, at our discretion. We will attempt to determine if our system is at fault and offer compensation if deem it likely.


Pack&Go is a continuously evolving software, and we are committed to offering updates and support. Unfortunately, bugs and issues will inevitably occur in such complex software which may impact the collection or retrieval of your data, or affect the service availability.


If you encounter and report an issue to us, we will do our best efforts to address it as soon as possible or to notify you if a fix is not feasible. We may require you to provide additional information to investigate the issue.

Loss of Data

In the event that a bug or issue causes you to suffer a loss of data, our liability will be limited to the amount paid to run the affected experiment sessions. The stability and performance of your experiment code on our platform are your responsibility. We offer free-of-charge test runs to allow you to validate your code before publishing an experiment.

Service Availability

In the event that a bug or issue causes you to be unable to access our online service, we will do our best efforts to restore the availability as soon as possible and take appropriate measures to diminish the likelyhood of such an event in the future. We will not be liable for delays caused by service unavailability.

Ethical Conduct

You are responsible for validating the consent of the participants in your studies before sharing the invitation link with them, or at the beginning of your experiment by providing an early exit option in case they decline to participate. If the content of your experiment is not suitable for an unrestricted audience, you must validate that they fulfil the appropriate restriction criteria. Pack&Go remains blind to the experiment participant's identity and will not do any validation before launching experiments.

Institution requirements

If you are part of a research institution, you should have received approval from your institution's ethics board before publishing an experiment.

Multi-use invitation links

Multi-use invitation links can be re-shared with anyone without validation. You should be mindful that when creating and sharing such invitations, anyone could view the content of the experiment. It should therefore not contain content unsuitable to an unrestricted audience.

Offensive Content

We understand that there are legitimate reasons to display offensive, disturbing or potentially harmful content for research purposes. If you do so, you are required to have the approval of your institution's ethics comity. Content that is illegal in either your jurisdiction, Canada, or the United States is forbidden on Pack&Go.


We reserve the right to audit your experiment files and request appropriate ethics approval documents if deemed necessary.

We reserve the right to immediately suspend an account if required to prevent unethical conduct.

Intellectual Property

Our Trademarks

LabMaestro and Pack&Go are trademarks that belong to VPixx Technologies Inc. All logo and branding that belongs to us should not be used without our written permission.

Experiment Content

You are responsible for ensuring you have the right to use and display any content in your experiment. We will not be responsible for any copyright infringement caused by the content of your experiment and will suspend an experiment immediately if such a case is brought to our attention.


We will do our best to fulfil our legal and moral obligations to you and your participants. You are responsible for carefully handling your participant's information and your experiment results once you download them. You should not attempt to retrieve information from other users and notify us immediately if such information is inadvertently made available.


This agreement, and any disputes arising from it, shall be determined in accordance with Canadian law. Any legal proceedings will be conducted within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Canadian courts.